"Join Your State’s Opt Out of Standardized State Test Group
Concerned educators and parents have come together to create brand-new, easy-to-find, state-by-state groups on Facebook where parents, educators, and anyone who cares, can come together to mobilize and take back control of their children’s freedom to learn. You can join others interested in opting out in your state in two ways:

1) Type in the search: Opt out of State Standardized Tests — Your State i.e. Opt Out of State Standardized Tests – Ohio
2) Go to the page url: https://www.facebook.com/groups/OptOutYourState i.e.https://www.facebook.com/groups/OptOutOhio

As more and more parents get on board and take back control of what is best for their children, new possibilities will arise. Imagine a learning environment without unnecessary testing…

What could your child accomplish when the billions of wasted testing dollars are redirected toward students?

When passion, not just tests, can drive the learning, what learning might start to take shape in our schools and communities across our nation?"

Posted by Lisa Nielsen on Apr 9, 2012 in BlogEducationFamily & ParentingLifestyle

For the full article, "12 Most Unconventional Reasons to Opt Your Child Out of Standardized Testing" go to http://12most.com/2012/04/09/unconventional-reasons-to-opt-out-standardized-testing/
Excerpt from "Chiefs for Change of Puppets for Propaganda."

"How is it possible for a group of education “leaders” to get away with writing such bull sh!t statements?  The paragraph above is pure propaganda.  The “RESEARCH”concerning high stakes testing and accountability “SHOWS US” that after 15 years of forced accountability and draconian sanctions that the achievement gap in American public schools is larger than ever before."  Tom Slekar, The Chalk Face

Full article:
According to an article I read today at http://parentsacrossamerica.org/pennsylvania-standardized-tests-burden-schools-and-students/, Pennsylvania's System of School Assessment tests (PSSAs--Pennsylvania's version of NCLB's high stakes/standardized testing) are not mandatory.  Parents can choose to opt their child(ren) out of the testing.  "Under Pennsylvania Code Title 22 Chapter 4, section 4 (d)(5), parents have the right to opt out of testing for their children. The exemption is “religious,” but the Pennsylvania Department of Education confirmed this includes any moral, psychological, philosophical or even medical objection. The reason cannot be challenged."  (Michele Gray, Parents Across America.)  I'm interested to see how many other states have such provisions.  If you know, please share.